Friday, 21 May 2010

an obsession confession

Yes, I confess I'm obsessed with something called gingham, which I only learnt was the English name for it a few years ago. In Sweden we call it pepita or Brigitte Bardot-checked. I don't really care what it's called, I'm still very much drawn to it for some reason. Just can't enough of it to be honest! For now I've only got things in black-and-white and red-and-white, which are the three main colours in my wardrobe in general, so that's maybe not a surprise.

The spread above is a short-puffy-sleeved blouse in the bottom, bought second hand at Myrorna for 40 kronor last fall, and quickly became a favorite. On top of that is a dress I've showed in a previous post, also bought second hand for 6o kronor. The small tote bag is bought from a somewhat surprising store: a skateboard store at Skrapan, Götgatan in Stockholm. It's definitely the only time I've ever been in that store, but I saw it in the window on sale for 150 kronor and just had to have it. The purse is from Lindex, also on sale for 40 kronor.

My husband usually thinks I look like I'm about to go strawberry picking when I wear one of these things, which I wouldn't mind doing one bit. Or maybe go to a diner and drink milkshake with him, sharing one with two straws, and picking "our song" on the jukebox and spontaneously start dancing with everyone. I don't really like milkshakes that much though, I prefer smoothies.

The red spread is made with a blouse from MQ in the left upper corner, bought about 2 years ago, for 249 kronor I think. It's got perfect little cowboy shirt ivory buttons. The blouse in the right upper corner has been well worn since the day I got it from H&M for 149 kronor two summers ago. I still regret not getting the same one in black, how could I have been so stupid? Down in the left corner are a pair of capri pants, from a store where I've only ever bought this, Flash. It was even the first time I ever went there, cos I saw them in the window. Next to the pants is a fave skirt, that's also served me well, more on that underneath. On top of everything is a hairband I got from Myrorna for 5 kronor.

There used to be a small shop called Sprinkler on Södermannagatan in Stockholm, about 6-7 years ago, and it was really nice, but a bit expensive. This superfriendly girl owned it and sewed all the clothes herself, and one of the best things she did was this skirt in many different fabrics. The model is just perfect and I got one in black, one in denim and the last one I got was this. I was completely broke at the time, but it was on half price for only a week and I couldn't risk not getting it, so I borrowed 400 kronor from my mum to pay my phone bill, and got the skirt instead. I'm sorry mum, I never confessed to that before. I borrowed money from a friend to pay the phone bill instead, and I do believe everyone was paid back in the end too. And the skirt has served me really well, I still love it and don't regret for a second I almost got my phone cut off for it. The store girl got a baby shortly after this, started to make only children's clothes and moved the store somewhere else. I never found out if it's still around or not.

These cutie shoes are from Indiska, 99 kronor, but I got them for half price. A bit on the small side though, as is quite often the case with shoes made in China, you need to get a size bigger than you usually take. I just forgot at that time.

These adorable shoes I bought in January, after looking at them online for maybe 4-5 months before finally deciding to go for it. The thing is that my feet are ridiculously sensitive and will bleed for nothing at all, which means I can't wear a lot of shoes cos it hurts too bad. And buying a pair of shoes online is of course risky, but this store had a free return policy, so I took my chances. Since it was still winter when I left for Durban I didn't get a chance to wear them though, so I still have to find out if they're comfortable or not. They were just too cute to send back, so if nothing else I'll keep them where I can look at them a lot.

And as of this week I've got a new online obsession, this apple gingham 50's swing dress from Vivien of Holloway. Well, honestly there's loads of stuff to obsess about from this place, but for now this is the dress I might consider getting my hands on eventually. I guess I need to think about it for 4-5 months first. It's a bit on the expensive side, to say the least, compared to what I usually pay for dresses (it's about 3 times more), but it's soooooo gorgeous my knees go weak when I look at it! If I got it I'd have to have picknicks the whole time, spread the skirt out on a blanket, and eat those strawberries I'd just picked and sip some champagne. Indeed I'd have to.

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