Tuesday, 4 May 2010

the weekend trifecta

A good weekend starts with breakfast somewhere they make a mean cappuccino, for example at The Little Italian Place in Pavillion, here in Durban. Their cappuccino is seriously perfect! Or veramente perfetto, as they would put it in the Mother Country of Good Coffee. It will then continue with finding the jacket I got obsessed with in Grahamstown a week ago, in my size at Truworths, and buying it. 550 rand is not the cheapest, and it does feel silly buying a winter jacket when it's 25 degrees outside: but come on, look at it! If that is not a perfect jacket I've never seen one, and I rarely have to be honest. I'm a coat person mostly, I love coats.

In all sizes black and white hounds tooth pattern is one of my absolute favorites though, that was probably the main attraction of it. And the very classic cut, that at least reminds me of a 60's jacket for example Audrey Hepburn could have worn. Absurdly enough I now long for winter again, so I can pretty myself up with this cutie. Not really though, I can't wait for the unpredictability that is Swedish summer! Especially since I missed it last year, I'm very much looking forward to the long bright nights, park coffee drinking, long walks by the water, new potatoes with pickled herring, fresh strawberries and rhubard pie. It'll be nice for sure.

Getting back to the trifecta weekend, the second ingredient was finally getting the second season of Flight of the Conchords, one of my all time favourite comedy series. Back home again after shopping just to putting it on and watching the whole first disc in one go, then saving the second to Sunday, trying to prolong the pleasure. Indeed it was a pleasure, and I loved the documentary that was featured too. I'm a little bit sad that this is it of course, there will be no more Flight of the Conchords, or so they say. Maybe they'll make a comeback to the career they never got in 10 year's time? That would be sweet. I'll wait for that then.

Thirdly, finishing off the trifecta, was baking "hallongrottor" ("raspberry caves") after finally finding a very tasty raspberry jam in the store, and eating most of them fresh. It is the most divine cookie I know, and only has one flaw: it's completely impossible to just eat one.

In my opinion this makes a good weekend without trying too hard.

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