Sunday, 23 May 2010

sunny saturday shopping

Yesterday I wanted to go into town for what might be the last time in a long while. I wanted to go down to Beachfront, and visit three of my favorite places for what I intended was mostly gift shopping. Of course I ended up buying some gifts for myself as well. How could I resist, and by doing that also miss out on the opportunity to support local design? That would just be rude. We left quite early, and it was sunny with a slight chilly wind, which by the time we got to the beach had vanished. I'm ashamed to say that I completely unintentionally littered the pier, cos after 3 minutes my icecream melted and I didn't want to throw melted chocolate and caramel into the ocean that was crowded with surfers. I'm sorry, next time I'll eat my icecream in 2 minutes.

One stop was African Arts Centre on Florida Road, which is an amazing place. It's a bit more expensive than most other places, but the design is usually much better, and they do a lot of good projects with women that I think feels good to support. Most of the stuff I got there are gifts, and I can't really show them off, but this little fella for 85 rand I couldn't resist for myself. He's just too cute! So once again I failed my promise of not bringing home any more bead work animals. And he's gonna have to get a passport, cos I'm gonna take him all the way back to Sweden.

Of course we had to go to NSA Gallery too, we started with breakfast in their lovely garden. They make divine cappuccino and delicious food, I've always been happy with everything I've had to eat there. So even if the store wasn't so great, I'd keep going there for the café. Now the store is great, and they had a new batch of this gorgeous red lizard ceramics series that I've bought a few things from before. So this time a little sugar bowl for 55 rand got to come home with me.

Last year I got this bowl that I now keep my hair things in, since I've let my hair grow and suddenly get to use a lot of that stuff again. The first time I came here I got a tiny bowl, cos I was afraid anything bigger might break on the way back to Sweden, but these bigger pieces I'm keeping here. Even though they would look very good together with my new all black and red and white Chinese china I've got in Stockholm.

At NSA I also got a bunch of gifts, and this nice turquoise necklace for 48 rand, and a matching phone wire bracelet for 32 rand.

Finally of course I had to go to Euphoria one more time. I had been thinking about some jewellery I saw the last time, but foolishly didn't buy then, so that's pretty much all I came for. I also didn't want to look around too much, cos I know I tend to spend way too much time there when I do. The only downside to this place, is that it can be rather confusing when you're about to pay for something, and the chick who works there now, at least on Saturdays, is not really enjoying her job or paying customers. Last year a very friendly girl worked there, and I want her back. Anyway, apart from not being able to pay with credit card yesterday I'm happy with my purchases, which are also mostly gifts, but these lovely earrings I'm keeping for myself. They're made from shells, and I just think they look so pretty!

I mean just look at these cuties!? So adorable! They're not exactly cheap, but not super expensive: 70 rand. If they were a little bit cheaper I would have bought the whole lot, I kinda regret not doing it anyway. I bought one pair last year though, so I'm sure there will be more of them next time I'll come by, whenever that will be. Unless, of course, I do take the final chance to visit the I Heart Market in two weeks, and they sell them there, which is not impossible at all. Hmmm, I think I just might have to do that. Cos seriously, this whole idea of not shopping too much during my stay this time, cos of what happened the last time I went back to Sweden (13 Kg luggage overweight, and panickly dumping half of my packing in the car boot in scorching sunlight), well that hasn't really worked out that well, so I might as well keep doing it. These delicate shell earrings won't really add to any overweight, and they make me happy. Happiness by pretty peculiarities is after all my motto.

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