Monday, 10 May 2010

mad men about dresses

I've been treating myself to season 3 of Mad Men during the weekend, enjoying every second of it as usual. I've got the last two episodes left, and in a way I wanna save them, cos I know the long anxious wait for season 4 will start as soon as they're over. Some critics may claim that nothing much happens in this tv-show, or rather that the same thing happens over and over again: ad meetings, drinking and smoking excessively, adultery, suburb vs. manhattan, married life vs. single life, men vs. women. But to me that's part of the appeal, cos seriously: how exciting is every day life for most people? Of course I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the main reason why I love Mad Men so madly is the impeccable recreation of the 60's in clothing and interior design. Not so much the gender games, even though that can be interesting too, and often infuriating. Anyway, in one episode Peggy was wearing a very cute dress that reminded me of this one above. I got it at Judit's some 4 or 5 years ago, and I think it was about 200 kronor. It's polyester again, with a silk lining giving it a little bit better fit, and my guess is that it's from the 60's, especially after seeing Peggy's dress yesterday. I might have mentioned before that I really like the combination of geometrical patterns and more organic flowers or shapes.

Here's a little cute sailor dress that I cannot remember where I got it from, or what it cost. It's from Stockholm though, I'm almost sure about that, and I'm positive I like it a lot. It was also the perfect outfit when I went to the Maritime Museum in Stockholm in July 2007, to see the ongoing Tintin exhibition. Although I don't remember it that well cos of the exhibition, even though it was very nice indeed, I remember it that well cos of the company I had. Today we're married.

I wanted to include a final dress in green, a perfect find from the 'sale chest' outside of Emmaus in Götgatsbacken, Stockholm (the "trend" one in the middle), where everything costs 50 kronor. I'm not really sure about the material, it reminds me of polyester but is not as stretchy and smooth, it's got a bit of structure to it. It's as warm as polyester warm, if not even warmer, which makes it a perfect winter dress paired with some white wool tights and a cardigan. I've been told I look both like a 60's air hostess and a school girl wearing it, which is completely fine by me. I don't mind one bit, I love that putting on a dress can make you look like someone else. Or rather like me being something else, I guess. Although, I would argue as well, just for the sake of it, I'm every dress I've ever worn, and then some for the future. Just try and pin me down.

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