Saturday, 26 June 2010

project planning in progress

I seem to be stuck in the planning stage still, in regards to my renovation project. Meant to get started this weekend, and got a bit of this and that at the hardware store, including small paint cans for trial patches. After trying out the three colours I got, and waiting for them to dry, I realised that two of them were completely out of the question, and the last one I'm not too crazy about either. Right now I'm thinking of maybe just using the same shade of white, called mushroom, as I've got in my living room. I do want to at least try and keep the bed/guestroom a bit "calm", but I'm not sure I'll make it.

Intentions can go a long way though, and I guess it's a good thing to sit down and really think things through before getting started. After having done just that most of today, as well as browsing for inspiration online, I think I know how to place the furniture, but that can of course always be rearranged. One idea I've had is to hang my dresses all over the walls, at least I've got enough of them ... And they would definitely match the 60's furniture I've recently inherited from my late grandmother.

The most important things to get up on the walls are some amazing Mongolian calligraphy art pieces we got as a wedding gift from my family. That's mostly the reason why I want to keep the rest a bit more "neutral", so that they can really stand out. Then again, I'm very good at noticing all details at once, and believe all beautiful things that you like will look good together. I think maybe this whole hesitation is based on me wanting to do some shopping for new stuff though, and it's certainly not what I need. Except for a new lamp maybe. Possibly a new rug. And curtains. But that's it.

This very cute blue and green skirt is from my last visit to Humana, after getting off work early on Thursday, the hottest day yet since I came back, and I was a bit giddy after having had the tastiest ice cream in a long while. Sugar rush I guess is another word for it. 69 kronor it cost me, and I just couldn't resist the green pixly looking roses.

I also got this little white pretty blouse, which is a bit more romantic than I would normally wear, but a friend of mine gave me this wonderful skirt last week and they look like they were made for eachother, right? It cost only 59 kronor, and it needs some fixing, but it shouldn't be too complicated I hope. The projects are piling up ... Behind this outfit you can also see parts of the renovation that should soon be in progress. These shelves I'm gonna move to another wall I think, and paint them. We'll see how it goes.

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