Sunday, 20 June 2010

saturday and sunday shopping sins

No excuses this time, just confessions. Spent quite a few hours yesterday walking around the eastern parts of Söder ("the south", my part of Stockholm) with a friend who was in a shopping spree mood. I tried my best to cheer him on, but in the end he had a hard time finding the perfect things he was really looking for. We found a few stores I've never been to before, so that was fun. I have been to Monki before though, just popped in to check out their sale, and got a bunch of black and white accessories for 120 kronor in total, which I was pretty happy with.

I've checked out Flying A once before, very briefly, and in Copenhagen it's one of my musts so I suggested to my friend that we'd go there. You'll find the store on Svartensgatan, very close to Mosebacke. It's not a very big place, and the store itself looks great with lots of vintage decorations to look at. They sell both vintage pieces and new stuff, and the vintage dresses they had were very cute, and very small, and not very cheap, so not for me. But I could not resist these rose hairpins, even though they weren't exactly cheap either, 100 kronor for two. So I better not loose them. I also love how cute that little plastic bag is.

One of the new stores we found actually opened about a year ago, but this was the first time I saw it. It's called 6-5-4 and you'll find it on Nytorgsgatan 27, a couple of blocks from Nytorget. It's a combined surf and clothing shop with an espresso bar, and I just loved the look of the place. Their website also looks great, check it out here. I fell in love with this t-shirt from Penguin clothing, and just had to buy it for my husband.

I actually think I like the tags as much as the t-shirt itself. I checked their website too, and they had some really nice pieces of retro looking clothes, that I guess might be made from old patterns since this company has been around since the 50's, as I understand it. The sizes were a bit ridiculous though, some of the dresses were only available in size 0, which is a joke if you ask me. How can a size be nothing? Ridiculous. Still, check out the website and take a look at some very nice things I'll never be able to wear.

Ended up walking around the western part of Söder today, with the same friend. First we walked to Hornstull, had coffee at Copacabana, and checked out the two vintage stores at the end of Hornsgatan. One's called Less is more, and they've certainly got lots of nice stuff, but since most of it is never used vintage stuff from the 50's to the 70's, they're a bit pricey. I do think it's worth it, but couldn't find anything I fell in love with. I really wanted a little 60's supercute top, but it was too small. The other store has furniture and stuff too, and I think the prices are quite good. I'm gonna go back later and checks out their lamps properly, cos I saw some good potential.

As we were walking back towards Mariatorget my feet were hurting so bad I almost wanted to cry. I have serious issues with my feet all year around, but it's usually worst in the summer. It doesn't matter what kind of shoes or sandals I wear, they'll start to bleed or chafe or just generally ache no matter what. So when we walked past Humana's newly opened store on the corner of S:t Paulsgatan and Timmermansgatan, I really felt I had to find something nice to make up for the pain. And I sure did! The cute little red and white scarf I got there for 39 kronor, and then I found two perfect dresses.

I'm so in love with this print, I can't stop looking at it. It's a bit crazy, but since the colours are quite dark I don't think it feels too busy. It's like fireworks and the ocean and trees and meadows! What's not to love? The cut of the dress is very nice too, a little bit japanese looking in my eyes, and the fit is just about perfect, I only need to take it in a little bit on the sides, or wear it with a belt. The cost was a fair 149 kronor. Over all, the prices were quite reasonable, and they had a good selection of stuff. There were a lot of 50's and 60's chiffon pastel nightwear, that I decided not to get any of this time, but I'm pretty sure I'll go back just for that.

This lovely green-turquoise creation I just grabbed without looking at it properly, cos I loved the colour and print, and was just hoping it would fit me. In the dressing room I wanted to jump up and down when I put it on, cos it fit so perfectly, and looked so great, and I really noticed the nice little details on the front. It's such a great feeling.

The colour looks very different in the shots, but it does alternate quite a lot depending on the light. I really like simple embellishments like this, to me it's very 60's. It's in great condition, and in another store it would probably cost a lot more than the 159 kronor I paid for it. Oh, and it's not polyester! It's actually jersey, so not a perfect summer's dress, but still perfect.

As I limped back home my feet were still hurting like hell, but I felt very happy about my purchases and that's always worth a bit of pain.


Saga said...

men Hallåååå det ÄR inte SANT -jag var därinne i lördags och provade den gröna & tänkte att den borde vara nått åt dig... !!! vad glad jag är att den hamnade i rätt händer! :-D

jenny kellerman pillay said...

såg du inte den blå skogsfyrverkeriklänningen då? för den tänkte jag på dig när jag såg, fast den troligen skulle vara för stor för dig. jag är glad att den gröna inte passade dig! :-)

Miss L said...

Fyrverkeriklänningen är ju underbar! Och den gröna är inte så dum den heller...