Tuesday, 21 September 2010

animal prints and books

So tomorrow I'm off to the book fair in Gothenburg, and it still feels a bit surreal. The last few weeks really flew by. The outcome of the election on Sunday was dismal, but for now and the next days I need to put my feelings aside and just focus on work. My packing is just about done, although as usual I'm considering putting in another dress, just to be safe. I'll sleep on it. (Well not the dress, just the thought of it.) As you can see I've got my fair share of books already, but being completely surrounded by new books at the fair will be a temptation anyway.

I've got a handful of places I always go to at the fair, and try to get there on the first day. Well the first day is pretty much the only time I might have to walk around on my own, we've got a packed schedule. It would truly be a luxurious thing to be able to see everything, and to go listen to seminars as well, but there will be no time for that unfortunately. Those pleasures are for others.

This shelf with (mostly) Swedish comic books doesn't have any space left, so I will have to continue on the one below, because Swedish new comic books is one of my first investments on the fair. I already know two books I need to get my hands on, but will probably find some others I haven't had the time to find out about yet. I love that.

This is part of my children's picture book collection, which might grow a bit too. Although I don't get nearly as many nowadays as when I worked with children's books. Which is a shame.

There's not really any room left on this shelf for my soft cover books as well, and too many of them are still unread, so I'm gonna try and stay away from getting more of those for the time being.

As the publishing house I work for is called Leopard, I think every year that maybe I should get something leopard print for the book fair, just for the fun of it. It's just that I'm not really a huge fan of animal print. At the moment though, the stores are just packed with leopard prints in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colours, and doing a quick search today I surprised myself with getting four leopard print items! First a cute scarf with both leopard print and lovely blue and purple flowers from H&M. It comes in three different colours for 99 kronor, all of them looking very nice, but I liked the purple most.

Also from H&M is this little leopard print hairclip or pin, for 29 kronor. Not really sure how I'm gonna use it, but I thought it was pretty and cheap enough not to have to decide that before I got it.

I got a blouse as well, from Åhléns. I love this gypsy style, and it's actually almost pink, or maybe more powder, which I really like. I also had a skirt and a vest in mind that I would wear it with, and when I tried it on when I came home it looked really good. So I'm feeling quite happy with this buy! As it seems to be extremely trendy with the leopard print right now, I'm guessing I won't be the only one wearing it at the fair, but I've got more reason than most, right? Just the fact that I'll be wearing a name tag saying Leopard, I mean come on!? It can't match more than that.

Finally I also couldn't resist this tote bag from H&M, for only 29 kronor too. AND the proceedings of it goes to Unicef, so good cause shopping at the same time. Me like.

Anyways, I need to do some final packing now, and get my beauty sleep. Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend, and I'll get back with some serious author gossip next week!

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