Saturday, 4 September 2010

fireworks for fall

I finally wore my lovely Asian looking 60's fireworks/trees polyester dress that I got earlier this summer from Humana. I truly love it! To match I also wore my tree earrings from Durban, that I got for my birthday last year. Dressed up this nicely I spent the entire day doing loads of laundry, getting some stuff from the basement storage, like a few coats and knitted scarves and hats, and organised two closets, making space for my husbands clothes, storing away some summery items, and so on.

To accompany a big collection of dresses in a cold climate are the essential tights, a wear and tear piece of clothing I really like. Well, I don't really like the tearing part of course, I wish all tights were untearable, or maybe that I was just more careful. Or both. Either way, seeing all these colours laid out like this makes me quite happy about the arrival of autumn.

Moving some summer tops I suddenly got a little extra space in my small cabinet, but on the other hand I didn't get all my knitwear from the storage yet, the really big and warm things. They need to stay somewhere too. Not for a while though, as I hope it won't be that cold until December at least.

I needed to go to Åhléns to get some more hangers, and thought I could reward myself for all the hard work I'd been doing all day. So I got this cute belt I saw the other week, and have been thinking about since. It cost 99 kronor, and I love the leaves and vintage look, and it will go great with a lot of my dresses.

Since the tearing thing mentioned above is quite common, I also got two pairs of new tights in some really lovely autumn colours, both matching my dress perfectly. Which means I will wear this dress a whole lot from now on, maybe even to the rather big book release party I'm going to this Thursday with work. I mean what could be more festive than fireworks to a release party?

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