Friday, 17 September 2010

let there be light

During the short precious summer months up north, there's hardly any need of lamps at home since the sun just sets for a few hours when you're usually asleep anyway. Come autumn, it's the complete opposite, and it's important to have comforting lighting around you, in my opinion. I'm a true housecat, in the sense that I love staying at home simply because I really love my home. Or homes, as it happens nowadays. Some might think that's boring, I don't care really. Each to their own. This beautiful 50's lamp has been in my family since the 50's, and was originally in my great grandmother Agnes' home. I love it to bits, and am so glad it's survived time and a lot of moves so well. Also, you can see parts of my dress collection hiding in the dusk behind it ...

As I've mentioned before I'm not a big fan of ceiling lamps, but that doesn't mean I don't hang them up. I just don't turn on the light. This gorgeous turquoise Chinese silk lamp was an investment after I redid my living room. It sort of hovers in the ceiling like a cloud.

A Chinese lantern from India? At least from Indiska. I think it's completely perfect on it's own, so I've never bothered to put a lamp in it. It used to hang over my bed, but I like it more now hanging in the window, where I can see it better.

Another investment when I redid the living room, which was maybe five years ago now. I had a similar flea market find lamp before, that unfortunately broke in a move, so when I found this teak floor lamp in a vintage store I got it. I love the warm light it throws. I got a 60's teak desk at the same time in that place, and since the store was brand new the supernice lady who ran it also gave me a vintage skirt for free because I bought two other things, and delivered everything to my flat for free. My kind of deal.

Many years ago I saw this red beauty in a lamp shop when I walked by with my one of my brothers. I stopped and admired it, and a few weeks later I got it for my birthday. At that time it was one of the first Chinese red things I had, maybe a subconscious beginning of a collection? Anyway, both my grown up brothers are great gift givers, it runs in the family, it's not for nothing I was appointed gift master at one of my best friend's wedding. Not that I wanna brag or anything, I'm just saying.

An actual Indian lamp from Indiska. At least an Indian lamp shade. Last autumn I got a queen size bed, fit for a married couple, and a new bed aquires a new bedside lamp, obviously. Behind it is the official wedding photo of said married couple.

I love Chinese lanterns, did I mention that before? No, I never! This is probably one of my favorite buys ever, I love this line of lanterns so incredibly much! When I found it in the Chinese shop in Copenhagen that I always go to, maybe 5-6 years ago, I almost had a heart attack cos I got so excited. I think the guy in the shop thought I was a bit weird. Walking back to my friend's apartment where I was staying it was very stormy, and I was so scared I'd drop my bag and it would fly off. So I held on to that bag so tight I had to bend my fist open once I got inside. Going back to Stockholm on the train, I carefully kept the bag between my legs the whole trip. It's been decorating my wall ever since, and for very festive occasions I even turn on the fairy lights inside the lanterns, it's the prettiest thing you ever saw.

On the top shelf of my little teak book case resides a tiny crooked uglycute lamp that I got at a flea market for 10 kronor (abt. 10 rands). I couldn't resist it. Just as I can't make myself throw out the basically dead ivys either. Some things are just harder than others, and even dead ivys are ivys.

Next chapter in this exciting series: fairy lights. Until then, me and my Japanese girlfriends bid you adieu and good night.

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