Friday, 3 September 2010

when autumn falls

As I was putting my little red bird into place today, I noticed one of my biggest and most luscious plants is planning on getting even bigger. As my ivys, to my great distress, are not doing so well, I was very happy to see this. I might actually have to let my ivys go, and it's so sad, cos they were so incredibly beautiful when I got them, and now they're all infested with something that's killing them. If I buy new ones, I'll make sure to ask in the store if there's anything at all I can do to prevent it, cos it's never happened to me before.

I did end up buying a new iPod the other day, and I got the latest nano, that was presented on Wednesday night for the first time, and I was actually following the news minute by minute! To my own surprise I must add, but I just got into it. And the new nano is ridiculously cute, I have to say, it's pretty much an extraordinary musical brooch, and I got it in red. Will have to wait quite a bit for it though, but very much looking forward to it's arrival. So since I had already shopped big time this week, and also got some really good news yesterday, I thought I'd pop into Humana vintage after work to check out what's “new” for autumn. (Don't you admire how I made that sound logical?!) They had lots of goodies for sure, but I wasn't in the mood for trying that much of clothes on, so I ended up with these shoes for 249 kronor instead.

They're Bally, very classic looking, and in really good shape. They've been worn well. I actually don't have any shoes like this, and have been looking around without finding anything. Would have loved if they were brogues, but just changing the old tired shoelaces for red silk ribbons made them prettier I think. I'm quite certain we'll become good friends this autumn.

I got some great discount coupons end of August, and I happily and naïvely think that it's the stores practically giving me money to shop for, but I do of course know I only get the coupons cos I've spent so much of money there in the first place ... Oh, well, I still think it's good to be awarded with shopping for shopping! At Åhléns, my fave department store, I found this cute handbag on final sale. I've been looking at it before, but thought 400 kronor was a bit expensive, how ever cute it was. Now I got it for 50 kronor!

What I like most about it, is that it's got loads of pockets, and as I tend to spend a lot of time trying to find things in my bag, this is most welcome. It's actually only last year that I've started to use more “grown-up” hand bags, especially leather bags, that I've never had before. This is only my third one too, so it's not like it's a collection with one for every outfit. That would be quite a collection, I tell you!

The other coupon was for H&M, and I found this adorable white cotton cardigan that will be perfect for so many of my dresses when the days are getting colder (which is pretty much as of Monday this week). With the discount I got it for 50 kronor, thank you very much. I fell a bit in love with another cardigan too, if it's still there at the end of the month I think I might get it, as a birthday gift for myself.

Although this year I will get the best birthday gift possible: I'm finally being reunited with my husband. Staying on opposite sides of the world has been difficult for sure, but when you know what you've got, things are what they are. If that makes any sense. It does to me anyway, and that's what's important. Obviously being in the same place is the best, not even a thousand vintage dresses or a private show with The National in my living room would beat that.

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