Thursday, 30 September 2010

fever dreams

I got really sick during the book fair, and still haven't recovered, hence the lack of posts. Nothing serious really, just a typical autumn flu with fever, it's just that the fever refuses to budge, and I'm getting very annoyed by it cos I've got no strength to do anything! As much as I like being lazy and just sit in front of the telly for hours, or read blogs and stuff for a full weekend, it's not as much fun when it's the only thing I can do without getting exhausted after 10 minutes. But enough of feeling sorry for myself now!

What I have been doing a lot while lying on the couch is dreaming about places I wanna go, at the moment North American cities seem to be where I wanna go the most: Seattle, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Vancouver, Austin, Montreal, New Orleans. I still haven't been anywhere out west, so it's a giant white canvas for me. Or whatever. Either way I hope I get to visit at least a few of those cities eventually, and that they live up to my giant expectations.

I also want to go to quite a few places out east of course, Hanoi, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Bangkok. And I always want to go to my other home, South Africa, where there are so many more places to discover. Being a complete creature of habits though (and having married another one), I would be quite happy just going back to The Estuary down the South Coast in KwaZulu Natal, where we spent a wonderful weekend last August. The picture is from that magical place.

I'm not very adventurous at all, when I find some thing or some place I like, I go back there, over and over again. But with dreams you can come a long way just the same. It got me all the way to the other side of the world for one. And in just a few short days my favorite part of that part of the world (well in all the world actually) is coming up north to join me for winter. There's nothing like hibernating together.

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Saga said...

I hope you are well by now!