Sunday, 19 September 2010

drumroll please: giveaway winner!

With the help of I'm very happy to announce the winner of the Daniela Sigurd postcard necklace: Lauren! Congratulations! Please email me your postal address so I can send it to you. Because I do believe the postcard itself is a little bit too small for me to write on. Thanks to everybody for entering, there will be more little treats coming along in the future for sure!

Five things that made my week:
1. Listening to Säkert's new album "Facit", Swedish music at it's very best
2. Realising that all my friends share my political views.
3. Seeing a lovely small exhibition with genius comic book writer Sara Granér.
4. Designing a book cover and feeling very happy about it.
5. Cooking great food with one of my best friends.

Have a nice evening! I'll be anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Swedish election, which is pretty nerve wrecking to be honest. I can't stand another four years of these right wing clowns! Let solidarity be the winner, please.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if my comment will land.. tried before.. something to do with the reading. Glad that someone I know won the beautiful thing!

Enjoy your blog Jen! Keep it up..
Hope the right wing has been clipped


jenny kellerman pillay said...

Hi Monica, thanks!
Unfortunately the election outcome is the worst ever, not only did the right wing win, but a racist extreme right party got enough votes to get into government as well. People are already gathering to do something about it though, which is heart warming, 10.000 people just in Stockholm yesterday! And it will continue for sure.
Hope you are well, and that poetry festival will be successful. I'm off to our annual book fair tomorrow, and this year is Africa year! So many South Africans will be there, and many more, a lot of them has been to TOW before, kinda funny.
Take care,