Saturday, 11 September 2010

cute cafés of gothenburg

As I'm almost about to get ready for Gothenburg again (in two weeks the book fair is on it's third day), I'm thinking back to some of the best things I experienced when I was there just a month ago. To me Gothenburg has always been a city of excellent cafés, a bit like Berlin actually, where you can find a nice, cute place with great coffee and food and friendly staff in just about every corner. Nowadays I don't go out for coffee as much as I used to in Stockholm, and of course there are some good places here too, but they're definitely harder to find for some reason. Maybe I'm too picky, or can't see the forest for the trees, or whatnot. Anyways, my friend and her husband found this rather excellent "hole-in-the-wall" coffee shop close to their hotel in Gothenburg, and she brought me there one morning. I don't remember the name of the street, and it didn't have a sign with a name, but I think I'll find it again if you wanna come with sometime! The coffee was indeed divine, and I just had to take a picture of these adorable vintage looking bottles of soda from Abbondio. After having seen them in that place, I spotted them in another few places too. If I find them here in Stockholm I'll buy a set for sure.

Another very nice little café we stumbled upon just as we got really hungry for some lunch during one of our shopping rounds. It's on Andra Långgatan, a street supposedly known for being a street representing the whole of Gothenburg, according to a local newspaper. I don't know about that really, but this café is sure worth a visit anyway. "Konsthantverk" means arts and crafts, and when we were there they had a small art exhibition in one of the rooms, and some pretty jewellery in a glass cabinet.

I had a delicious goat's cheese salad with beatroots for lunch, and a refreshing organic raspberry soda in a lovely looking bottle.

With the turquoise walls and vintage teak furniture you might guess I'd feel right at home there, and you'd guess completely right. My fave kind of café looks just like this. There were some tables with sofas as well, but they were occupied and I didn't want to take pics of people.

Very cute vintage lamps above our table, I think they look like jewellery. I like it a lot! Which reminds me that I should phone an electrician and get some wiring problems sorted out in our flat, so that I can hang up some more lamps. Although I do prefer my lamps elsewhere than the ceilings, which is weird, I know I know. I can't help it. Two other cafés I'd like to mention while on the topic are Le Petite Francais (at least I think that's the name, it's something with Francais anyway) on Västra Hamngatan just by Domkyrkan, which is a french café with really good café au lait and a ton of different delicious pastry; and the other one is on Viktoriagatan just a stone's throw away from Vasagatan, called Café and the Bakery, where a very friendly lady serves wonderful coffee and lots of lovely goodies for the sweet tooth. I sure wish I had some downtime to go back to at least a few of these places when I go to Gothenburg next time, but unfortunately I won't. I'm stuck with grabbing coffee on the go from an automat whenever I can get a few minutes to myself. At least it's free.

On another topic, apparently my last post wasn't the 100th (blogger is confusing!) but I'm still gonna host a giveaway to celebrate it very soon. Be sure to check back to enter!

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