Friday, 28 October 2011

dreamy dresses from Moddie

There’s a new vintage online store around, with some really nice goodies for grabs. Be sure to head straight over to Moddie, unfortunately only available in Swedish right now, but send them an email and ask if they deliver abroad if you find anything you really want. The prices varies a lot, and it’s definitely vintage, for thrifting you need to go elsewhere. Much like the sizes of the pieces I desire the most, the pictures here are really small, so sorry about that. Head on over to the original source to see them better. This orange beauty is my favorite.

Pink babydoll cutie.

My second favorite, anything red with white polka dots will grab my attention!

Pink with Peter Pan collar.

Classic white and blue mod dress.

Lastly a real gem from the 60’s, incredibly pretty aqua blue with white floral pattern.

I’m going for my first clothing swap tomorrow, am trying to not have any expectations at all so as not to be disappointed if all the other people showing up are tiny girls and nothing will fit me. Could be a lot of fun though, and I get to see the amazing vintage dress exhibition at the museum the event is being held at, for the third time, and now for free! So that in itself makes it worth it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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