Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Jennifer Collier: pretty paper art

Via Black*Eiffel I found a pretty talented British paper artist called Jennifer Collier. Being a devoted paper enthusiast I just fell immediately in love with her works, especially since they also incorporate two other big passions of mine: typography and handwriting in old letters. Some of the items, which are all handmade one offs, are available for purchase in her shop and she also does commission work. First up is a beautiful and fantastically detailed typewriter, priced at £950.

Super 8 camera for £170.

Teacup with spoon, £55, and milk jug, £35.

Adorable music dress, framed, £250.

Map tie, framed, £95.

Map SLR camera, £140.

Postcard SLR camera, £140.

Milk jug, £35.

Document kid gloves, framed, £190.

Binoculars, £40.

And finally some crazy cute Music brogues, £50, or framed £95. I would really like one of the framed items, they are all so unique and would fit in so well in our home. Maybe I shall have to treat myself to an early Christmas gift ...

All pictures belong to Jennifer Collier. If not linked to the store, I found the pictures on her main website.

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