Thursday, 6 October 2011

Matti Klenell

I saw a little note in the paper this morning, promoting a new exhibition with glass works by Swedish designer Matti Klenell. Since the exhibition is called Kokeshi, I was obviously keen at looking him up, and I was blown away by his design. I can’t say I know anything whatsoever about glass design, or contemporary furniture design either, but I guess I should start somewhere, and why not with Matti Klenell, who clearly is a name to keep track of. I love these pieces, inspired by the Japanese Kokeshi dolls, that I also love.

These beautiful birds I have actually seen before, not knowing who designed them, since they are made for Iittala. I really like that they are elegant and cute at the same time.

For modern design, not looking retro for once, I’m really liking these lamps. They would go really well with the new look I’m aiming for at home.

These statuesque glass urns are majestic somehow, I really like them a lot, but don’t know why.

Finally these tea light candle holders just makes me happy! Obviously you’d need a whole group like this, they would at least cheer me up every time I looked at them. Don’t miss out on all his work that can be seen on his website, there’s plenty more brilliant design where these gems came from. I’m a fan as of right now.

All pictures belong to Matti Klenell.

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