Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Luca Barcellona: I take a bow

Okay, so I know I rather frequently use the term genius and brilliant about stuff that I really like. But this time, when I say that Luca Barcellona is a genius, I have never meant it more. The art of calligraphy is not practiced by that many nowadays, and to find this brilliant, brilliant man is sort of a revelation for me, to be honest. It is incredibly inspiring, and it almost makes me want to take a leave of absence from work and just dive into it myself. Preferably with Mr Barcellonas guidance. This is just a small selection of the work from his magical pens and brushes, I can’t stop looking at them, it is just too beautiful for words. See lots more and the man himself in action here.

So there you go, I take a bow, in utter awe of this amazing artist. Thank you Luca Barcellona, I am your devoted fan from here on after.

All pictures belong to Luca Barcellona.

1 comment:

Gerda from Estonia said...

I couldn't agree with you more - a brilliant man with an even more brilliant talent!