Thursday, 13 October 2011

wear that book

I’m gonna start today’s round of Wear that Book with a poster, not a book. All these dresses are also vintage, and available for online purchase now, should anyone be fortunate enough to have the exact right measurements (if you sense a tone of bitterness in there, it’s because there is ...). Just follow the links and get your hands on these beauties before anyone else does! First up is a 1950’s dress from Dear Golden Vintage, and I am just in love with this one. I can’t stop staring at it, wishing I would have found it maybe 10 years ago, when it probably would have fit me. Oh, well. The beautiful Decemberists poster is designed by Spike Press.

Next up is another cute 1950’s dress, this time from Clever Nettle, an online vintage store I often go to for inspiration. The book is from Faber Poetry Collection 2010.

This adorable 1960’s dress is also from Clever Nettle, and the colourful book is from The Folio Society, a most wonderful place for any book and design nerd such as myself.

Last of this little bunch is a burst of light teal with a 1960’s wiggle dress á la Joan Holloway from Clever Nettle, and a gorgeous book cover for Knopf designed by Jason Booher.

So get dressed and start reading everyone!

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