Monday, 10 January 2011

art, ebony and ivory

On Saturday I finally got round to visiting the Photographic Museum, Fotografiska, here in Stockholm. I've been meaning to go ever since they opened last summer, or was it spring maybe? Since it was the last weekend of the exhibition Fashion I thought it was now or never, and I'm glad I went. Most of the exhibition I didn't care for that much (mostly 90's and 00's super model or star shots, boring and soulless and not up my alley at all, even though I can appreciate the photographic skills behind them), but the good parts were really good. One of my all time favorites, Man Ray, was represented. For as long as I have appreciated art in any sense, he's been one of my top 5 favorites, and stayed there. Just look at this genius portrait of Chanel from 1935, how awesome is that?

I also discovered Charlotte March, and was particularly drawn to this piece, Crowne of Roses from 1955. It's simply stunning! Richard Avedon's pictures were all equally breathtaking, I haven't seen them "live" before. Well, maybe it's no surprise that I mainly only liked the photos from 1920's to 1960's ...

Another new discovery was Vee Speers, who apparently had an exhibition last year, but they still had some awesome fridge magnets in the gift shop I couldn't go home without. They're from a series called Birthday Party, that I now see is also available as a book! Even more awesome!
It shall be mine. But for now I'm happily looking at these small treasures, getting drawn in every time, they're just mesmerizing.

My mum told me she had one of these skirts when she was little, but in turquiose and black. Oh, how I would want that to be saved!

This is the description of the picture series: "Inspired by her daughter's birthday party the author imagined what characters might be created if role play were pushed to imaginative extremes. This title presents a series of portraits of children about to attend an imaginary birthday party." The birthday party I attended yesterday looked nothing like this, but there was one girl that definitely would have looked the part in this company. She had dark red hair that was waffled, a black tulle skirt worn as a dress, a long white pearl necklace wrapped several times over around her neck, and a white fake fur vest. Must I add she was adorable? And 4 years old! Just before the party ended she gave me one of her sweets, I felt very special she picked me.

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