Tuesday, 25 January 2011

colin + carson = happiness in a book

I wish I had been the first to know about this. I actually dreamt about being the one making this happen quite a few years ago. Alas, I was not. But of course I'm very happy that it is happening now, all the same. Colin Meloy has written a children's book and Carson Ellis has illustrated it. Oh. My. God. It's gonna be the most beautiful thing ever. I'm so excited I've actually tilted, so I can't even smile about it. I'll smile once I've got the book in my hands. Apparently I'll have to wait until September. That's a long wait.

I'll print it out tomorrow, and smile as I'm doing it, thinking about how wonderful it'll be to see all the pictures eventually, printed on paper, getting to read the story, over and over again. Thank you, who ever signed Colin and Carson. I might just have to start a children's book publishing house just so that I can publish this book, and the promised books to follow. 76 illustrations by Carson in this first one. 76. I think 76 is my lucky number.

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