Wednesday, 26 January 2011

japanese perfection

Going to Old Town in Stockholm this weekend with out visiting friend from Durban, I couldn't help myself going into my favorite store Ljunggrens papper. A bit selfish, I know, but in my defence we'd been standing outside waiting for a long while and were completely frozen and just needed to get inside anywhere. Of course I had to pick up a few things that felt very necessary: a handcarved Indian peacock stamp and some red ink for it. I'm gonna make my own wrapping paper, just wait and see. It'll be gorgeous!

I also got some Muji supplies that morning: drawing paper and some nice colourful pens. I really need to pick up my drawing again, and I hope this will get me going.

Ljunggrens papper has got one of the best selections of Japanese washi paper in Stockholm, so I had to get two new sheets. This red with cherry blossoms also has some gold tones in it that you can't really see here. It's so beautiful.

This sheet was the first I decided on though, it's lovely! I wish I had a dress in this pattern, it'd be the prettiest dress ever.

I almost run out of all my paper string wrapping all my christmas gifts, so I got some more of that too.

Close-up on the awesome peacock that I'm gonna do some pretty stuff with. Am trying not to plan anything special for Saturday, and at least spend a few hours playing with all my new creative things. It'll be great!

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