Thursday, 20 January 2011

i heart the decemberists (again)

After reading a raving review of the new The Decemberists album “The King is Dead” yesterday, I got even more excited about the release. Turns out it's all that and more. Simply the best they've done so far, and somehow it's very different and recognizable at the same time. And Gillian Welch sings on 7 songs! 7! I adore Gillian Welch, she's been and still is one of the most important singers and female artists in my life. I still need some time to really sink into the music and learn everything by heart, and I can't wait. But first we're expecting a friend from Durban who arrives tomorrow and is staying the weekend. I hope she'll like Stockholm, we'll do our best to show some of it's best features, and hopefully she won't think it's too horribly cold. Mainly it'll just be lovely to see her and hang out together, no matter what we do.

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