Friday, 28 January 2011

tiny leaves on chinese silk

The weekend is officially here, and I'm very much looking forward to some nice downtime just doing this and that tomorrow. Well a few musts I can't really get around, but they shouldn't take too long. Usually I don't really mind the musts either, it takes more energy thinking about that you must do them, than actually doing them. If you catch my drift. My gorgeous amaryllis still has some flowers going, and it's a delight to see it every morning as I go to check the outside temperature in the kitchen window. Yesterday it was 10 degrees below zero. Depressing, I tell you.

I wish everything looked like this outside instead. The snow isn't even pretty anymore, it just looks like rock hard piles of gravel. But enough with the moaning now! I hope we'll get some sun this weekend, I'll be sure to spend some outdoors time. I did take a walk with a friend during lunch break today, and we went to one of Stockholm's most beautiful spots, where the view is amazing. We both sighed about how lovely our city is.

Here are some more of my inherited jewelleries: a spectacularly beautiful silver necklace with leaves. It's so nice and heavy and I love wearing it. It makes me feel regal, and mind my posture a little bit better. Which is much needed most of the time. I think it's from the 50's.

This incredible creation I haven't worn yet. It needs the proper occasion I think. I'm usually all about creating the occasions yourself, rather than waiting for them, but with this fantastic piece of jewellery everything else must be completely perfect too. Like a wedding. Anyone getting married anytime soon and planning to invite me? I'll keep my fingers crossed!

It's got marcasites! And tiny leaves! And tiny pearls! I wish I knew when this necklace has been worn, if it's been dancing, or accidentally kissed by someone aiming for the wearer's neck. I think maybe it's the first time it's been laying on Chinese silk anyway, a pretty good match in my eyes.

Speaking of Chinese: Sunday I'm going for an exhibition that shows part of the Terracotta Army, I'm so much looking forward to it. It's the East-Asian Museum that shows it, so I'm going to the museum too. And I'm guessing it'll be very difficult to avoid at least walking past the lovely gift shop they've got ...

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