Thursday, 13 January 2011

snow white fine flowers

In this part of the world snow is unfortunately here to stay for a rather long while. Every year I always think spring will surely come in March, but sometimes it even snows in April. You just never know. But there's no stopping me bringing the spring home, sitting on my window sill, reminding me of what's hiding under the piles of snow, just waiting to burst out.

The less known darling buds of January, just as pretty as the ones in May. Possibly even prettier, simply because they will stand out on their own, having no surrounding competition from lilacs or such other lovelies.

I've decided to share my small collection of inherited jewellery with you, starting with this beauty. Well, I've really started already, with the leaf brooch the other day, that I got from my grandmother. But now I'm doing it more properly, or something. This rose necklace is just divine, and I'm a little scared to use it outside the house should I lose it. It's handed down to me from a great aunt on my mother's side, or really to my mother, who gave it to me since she never used it. I'm not sure what materal it's made of, I've always thought ivory, but I don't know. I don't know when it's from either, but it certainly feels timeless, in my humble opinion. I'm not a diamond kind of girl, I prefer more unusual and less sparkly pieces such as this.

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