Tuesday, 18 January 2011

the odd owls

A few of my owls wanted to stop by and say hello, it seemed rude not to let them. Here's the smallest fella, sitting on his little book looking bookish all day long. I let him sit on top of my desktop computer so he's got a good view of the living room. He was a christmas gift from my dad's wife some years ago. Sometimes it's the smallest presents that are the most precious.

There's almost a disturbing size difference between this next owl and the first, but I love them both. This one I bought about 3 years ago in a cute store on the countryside on the west coast in Sweden, close to where my aunt lives. There was a big collection of different animals and they were all completely adorable and I wanted to adopt them all. I still think of the fisherman otter sometimes ... Anyways, my owl's tag said he was called Wordsworth, but I thought a more worthy name was Wilde Owl Oscar. (Yes, I know I'm lame. I'm perfectly aware of that fact. But I ain't gonna change.) Last time my niece was here and played with some other of my (smaller) stuffed animals, I asked if the owl could be part of the game too. She looked at him and said he could if he took his glasses off. Shame, poor Oscar just got to watch that day. As all days. The little weird looking cat is made by some very old lady, and was a gift from my grandmother when I was moving to Durban. She said if I missed my cat in Sweden I should look at that cat instead. She didn't know I was getting 3 new cats in Durban, and that every time I look at this little scruffy yarncat I think of my lovely grandma.

To round this small collection off is the tip of an owl pen a friend of mine gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago. He actually moves around a bit and gets to see more of the apartment than the others. Maybe that's a bit unfair. I know it's weird to write about things as they were actually alive, but I can't help it. I wonder why all my owls are male though. Maybe it's because all my cats (the real live ones) are all female. Not that that conclusion makes any sense whatsoever, but I'll leave you with that anyway.

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