Tuesday, 4 January 2011

yangtorp pt. 2: deep red

While sorting out a few other posts with recent finds and other things, I thought I'd make some room for another lot of inspiring and beautiful pictures from the amazing Yangtorp (find the first part here). This time I'm letting the wonderful reds take over, much like in my own home. We did not get in through this magnificent door, which is slightly intimidating if you ask me.

Interiors from the temple, which is a rebuilt old gym.

Interiors from the restaurant, where we didn't eat this time, because we were there pretty early in the day.

I can just imagine how great the Scandinavian summer light will look in this room.

Interiors from the store, where most things were for sale and I wanted to get everything.

I mostly regret not buying this gorgeous wooden box with painted peacocks. Why didn't I buy it? Well, I can only hope it's still there when I go there next summer to see how Swedish summer greens surrounds this white haven.

My father's wife did however buy this Tibetan little mask cabinet that I almost don't have words for how much I adore! I shall be very happy to know I can look at it as much as I want every time I visit them, which is a very good thing indeed. One needs beautiful things that inspire all around.

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