Friday, 7 January 2011

seasonal sale finds

Today is my lovely niece Stella's 4th birthday, hip hip hooray! This is one of my gifts for her, a denim dress I got at the seasonal sale for a mere 70 kronor. I liked that it was rather plain and not as frilly as a lot of children's clothes tend to be, but since she loves to play dress up and wants to play princess the whole time, I thought I'd embellish it just a little bit.

So I simply sewed on a little polkadot ribbon and a red flower button on the pockets: and voilá! Pimped for a princess who just turned 4! I hope she'll like it.
At least I know she loves to play dress up at my place, since I've got loads of dresses and shoes and jewelleries and hair flowers and scarves, and she likes to use all of it at the same time. Much like myself ...

I also found a few things for myself at the sale at H&M. I've been eyeing this cardigan for months, but for some reason didn't get round to buy it. Now it was half off and they had one left in my size, so there you go: 150 kronor and a pretty lace print cardigan was mine.

At H&M I also found this teal short sleeved knitted sweater with rhinestones for 50 kronor. It had to come home with me of course. After all teal is one of my absolute favorite colours.

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