Sunday, 9 January 2011

three things to make me smile

Obviously I should've posted this on January 1st, my apologies for that, but better late than never. And the upcoming 11 months I promise to do better. Pinky promise. This is a handprinted calender made by Stockholm based designer Tovelisa, that my sister-in-law Sara got me for christmas. She hinted she was thinking of getting it for me when we went to an independent design christmas market together, and I'm very glad she did. It's so beautiful.

Later in the calender there is an owl, but I couldn't wait for it so I went and bought myself another owl necklace. Also the one I got earlier this fall broke again, and I need some help to fix it, but before I get that done I felt I needed another one. Craved one. No, not really, but when I found this cutie with no less than three owls for the price of one, how could I resist? It's from a store I think is called Oriental, at the corner of Tjärhovsgatan and Renstiernas gata in Stockholm, where you can find a lot of lovely stuff. It cost me 149 kronor, which I took from the christmas money budget.
I wonder how long I can make that last ...

Now I'm off to my niece Stella's birthday party, with no less than 17 kids and some of their parents. I've promised to help decorate, and be in charge of the "fish pond" (where the kids get to fish for their goodiebags at the end). I also did some baking yesterday, and really went all the way decorating the tiny cookies I thought would be a hit with 4-year olds. If they don't like them I'm not too worried that the grown-ups won't finish them.

Tomorrow it's back to work! I don't know if I remember how to do it ...

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