Sunday, 23 January 2011

spring promises

After being outside during the day, and in sunlight at that, this weekend I'm longing even more intensely after spring. Luckily my blue pearl hyacinths I got last weekend have sprung up and are looking very lovely. Today you could see people standing still here and there, like meditating turned towards the sun, everyone remembering how warmer and sunnier seasons feel like. We'll keep hoping it's not too far away.

Normally I try to avoid buying summer's clothes in the winter, and vice versa, but when I found this cutie at the Salvation Army the other day I made a well deserved exception. A very perfect light cotton everyday dress that I know will become a summer favorite. It's incredibly soft, in very good condition and I only paid 135 kronor for it, so I walked away a very happy customer.

I love pockets! This dress makes me feel like I should be living at a Southern farm, going out picking fresh eggs to make french toast for breakfast. Or pancakes, with homemade raspberry jam.

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