Tuesday, 2 March 2010

bargain books and more polyester

Today it was colder again and I took the opportunity to wear another one of my polyester 60's dresses. This particular one is from Berlin, and was paid for by weight, I think it cost 7 euro about 3 years ago. Pretty nice system I must say, haven't seen it anywhere else. I really like the geometrical, a bit unusual pattern, and the colours are great.

During my lunch I went to one of my fave book stores in the neighbourhood, the always wonderful Bokmagasinet at Hornsgatan 80 in Stockholm. They've got a perfect combination of new and antiquarian books, a good children's books corner, a back catalogue bargain room, and a beautiful selection of art postcards and notebooks. I was just gonna look around, not really buy anything (when did I ever manage that ...?), when something black and red with a gorgeous gold font caught my eye.

I fell in love with them just looking at the spines, took one down to check the price and it said 1-5 200 kronor. I asked someone if that was correct, cos there were 6 bands actually, and the store lady confirmed all of them cost just 200! I honestly started to shake with excitement a little bit, and then I also found out that they're from 1960. Pretty good year. Pretty, pretty good, as Larry David would put it. They're incredibly heavy so I only carried 3 of them home today, will bring the others tomorrow. Expect some quotations in the future.

Just look at that foil stamp! I'm a complete nerd when it comes to many things, but book details are one of the things that make me the happiest. Good thing I get to work with it for a living.

I also got a free baklava at the lunch place today, for being cute, which may sound a bit creepy but completely wasn't. It was a good baklava, but not as good as the best ones that we used to be able to buy next to work. That shop is unfortunately gone now, and I miss it pretty bad. I'm thinking of going to Turkey to get the real stuff one day. And obviously to visit Haga Sophia at least once. Yes, that I wanna do one day.

"BAT, the only mammal capable of true (powered) flight." The Caxton World of Knowledge, Vol. one A-Cap.

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