Sunday, 21 March 2010

a sight for sore feet

So I've made my first little shopping round here, but I did good not spending very much on things I don't really need. A pair of ice blue peep toes from Mr Price for 40 rand (about 40 kronor) had to come home with me though, how could I resist? Most importantly I got a coffee plunger and fresh italian coffee and have made really good ice coffee for two days on a row. Got some coffee getting chilled now as well, can't wait for the next drink. When the temperature reaches 30 outside, it's lovely staying in front of the fan inside, watching dvd's and sipping ice coffee. Or going to a friend's new house with a pool, like we did yesterday, having a nice evening dip before dinner and a movie and cold white wine.

Flying here last weekend I had my mind set on going to the Heathrow Clarks store, where I wanted to buy these shoes I've looked at a thousand times at their website. When I got there though, my feet were so swollen and warm from the flight I couldn't really try anything on properly, even though I wanted to buy probably 10 pairs right away! For some reason most Clarks shoes don't make it to Swedish shoe stores, just the classic ones, but there are so many other cute ones I want to get my feet in. The pair I'd got my eyes on had a bit stiff heel, and my heels are ridiculously sensitive, so I decided to get these ones instead. They were also on sale and cost a mere 25 pounds. Of course I regret not getting the other ones now, and these super cute pink sandals. If I get to pass that terminal going back in June I'll see if they still have them and get them then. In the mean time it's not like I don't have anything to wear on my feet, and during the day I still very much enjoy not having anything on at all. On my feet that is.

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