Tuesday, 9 March 2010

come sunday next

I plan to wear this dress after having arrived to my other home on Sunday, and having had a refreshing shower after my long journey. It's not that many weeks ago I got it, but I've been so eager to wear it ever since and the weather up here hasn't really permitted it. One morning going to work I saw a very pretty polka dot red dress in the window to a hair dresser, which I found odd. Why would they put a dress in the window where they usually keep schampos? The morning after I walked a bit slower and noticed some shoes and other things as well, and a small sign saying "vintage in the basement". So after work I just had to find out what that was all about, if nothing else to find out what that pretty red dress cost. Chaos met me in the basement, the most wonderful chaos you could ever imagine, my heart started to beat so fast it was hard to breathe. Really. One entire room was filled with dresses, and some shoes. And what dresses ... Since the super friendly French guy who runs the little store just opened that day, he had an introduction price on everything, and the dresses were just 150 kronor each (normal price 250). Which isn't the best price ever, but certainly not the worst, and the selection was so overwhelmingly good I didn't think that hard before getting 3 at once. I went back a few days later with a friend and bought 2 more, and my friend bought 5 too!

Götgatan 84 is the address, and then just go down to the basement. Bring cash, in case he still hasn't got a credit card swipe machine. Oh, and the pretty red polkadot dress might still be there, cos unfortunately it was too small for me ...

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