Friday, 5 March 2010

peacocks in particular can revive tulips

I bought a very pretty peacock shawl at Kina Li today, my cat likes it too. It cost 99 kronor. I also wanted to buy a dressing gown with peacocks, but it was a bit expensive I thought (399). The silk slippers I came there to buy I had to leave without, they only had big sizes left right now. I love that store anyway, Ringvägen 129, in case anyone's wondering. Worth a visit every time.

This is a rabbit that looks just like my cat. He's from IKEA. He says hello. Sometimes he scares me, cos I think it's my cat that looks weird. It's happened to visitors too. I still love him.

Yesterday my tulips I bought the day before looked like this in the morning. They had finished all the water over night.

I apologized and they perked up after that. Now I need to put on a dress and some make-up and go for a very much likely magical night at Lejonkulan, Dramaten, to see Loney, dear. Every show with him/them is a treat.

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