Friday, 26 March 2010

pretty things on the walls pt. 1

In my South African home I don't have any Chinese girls on the walls. I do however have this probably Indian beauty. My 2 year old niece (at the time) thought she looked like me. I wish. I was out looking for things to decorate the house with when I first moved here, and immediately fell in love with this painting (or poster), as much as the exquisite wooden carved frame. 300 rand was a bargain! It's from one of my absolute favorite stores in Durbs, NSA Gallery's gift shop. A place where you can get so much, for so little. Now she hangs over the bed, and I get happy looking at her every time.

This poster I found in a very nice local design shop here in Durban. Right now I can't remember the name of the shop, but it's next to The Corner Café in Glenwood, and another one is on Davenport Road just a few blocks away. They've got so many nice things there, but a little on the expensive side for a bargain hunter like me, which probably isn't really expensive compared to most design places though. A few posters and a note book got to come with me that time. If you go there, make sure to have time for some excellent coffee and light food at the café as well, and check out the little clothes and jewellery shop in the backyard too. There is usually a nice selection of seriously good local designs there, I'm still agonizing a little about one dress and a pair of earrings I didn't buy, a whole year later. I'll make sure to go there again soon, and see what's new in store.

When you stumble across something as beautiful as this book cover, it just takes my breath away! I am a big fan of Poe as well, but have already got most of his stuff in other editions. One of them is close to this pretty, but I lent it to someone, against my better judgment, and of course never got it back, so this one almost makes up for that loss. I don't care that it's torn, I just care about the gorgeous green colour and the spiderlike trees and the bird and the moon and the amazing lettering! It simply makes me happy. What else is there?

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