Monday, 15 March 2010

great book cover art

It seems suitable to mention some great South African book cover art on my first day back here. Good thing I discovered these awesome new titles from publisher Modjaji Books. This one above is particularly my favorite, and by a very talented artist called Hannah Morris. Not only is she a brilliant illustrator, but also very good at hand lettering, a combination I might have mentioned before I'm very much all for. I also really like the title, and short stories, so as soon as this book is out I'll be sure to get a copy.

Any book cover with classic 60's dress silhouettes will catch my eye and draw me in.

More hand lettering and a beautiful use of colouring. In general I'm not a big fan of less is more philosophy, rather the opposite, but simple yet striking letters sometimes don't need anything else.

My cats here, especially Missy and Pixie, have affectionetly showed me how much they've missed me, and making me feel right at home again. The new addition to the family, Milou the little white fluffy dog, also seems to accept me fine, and I'm sure we'll become friends. And I'm grateful that it's been cloudy since I landed yesterday, making it a bit easier to ease into the heat, which is a huge climate change from the snow piles in Sweden. I was however accused of bringing a cold front, but I swear it was never my intention!


Miss L said...

The one with the dresses are great!

The snow piles are briskly melting here in Stockholm. I like that.

jenny kellerman pillay said...

I'm melting a little bit in the sun ... But it sure feels great being barefoot again!