Wednesday, 10 March 2010

someone brilliant to brighten your day

Staffan Larsson is one of the most talented and imaginative artists around right now, in my humble opinion. If I was the creative president of the world, he would be seen all over the place! Right now he can be seen in places like this and this. I think his pictures are very musical, that's part of the appeal for me, since I'm a music maniac. And I don't just mean the fact that he incorporates musical instruments in the pictures sometimes, it's just something about the flow and use of colour and details that are so well composed in my eyes. I love pictures that I can look at forever and still find new things.

And sometimes he draws dresses that I want to wear and dance in. And write music to.
Incorporating wonderfully whimsical letters in pictures of course tickles my fancy every time.
To add up: Staffan Larsson is amazing and everybody should know his work. Pronto.

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