Monday, 8 March 2010

salvation dresses saves the wardrobe

The Salvation Army store (Myrorna, Götgatan 79) across the street from my Stockholm home has become one of the best in the city, in my opinion. As with most stores you have to go there quite regularly, since they put up new stuff often and it'll sell quickly. It's very possible to get great finds still, even though some things are priced for what you get too nowadays. Guess a better range also means higher prices, which is fine by me. The one above is definitely one of the cutest from my fall shopping. 60's style polyester with an Asian lookalike print, with adorable little buttons on top (sorry for lack of close-up). 110 kronor.

This one is modern, but with a nice retro vibe to it, and a great fit. The print reminds me of Asian paper lamps. For 60 kronor I didn't even try it on the store, I just decided it would fit for that price. And years of vintage shopping, well shopping in general really, has made me quite good at accurately seeing what'll fit or not. Cotton stretch is of course one of the easier fabrics to know without trying it on if you're in a hurry, or the line to the dressing rooms are just trying your patience.

I like treating myself to nice dresses for a variety of reasons, but when it's my birthday all the more so. This one became a gift to myself last October, and I wore it on the very day of course. It's a little bit on the big side and I thought of taking it in on the sides, but with a belt, or this little cute ivory knitted bolero with mother of pearl sequence and pearl buttons from Åhléns, it looks great anyway. I might do the alterations in the summer, cos it's a nice light viscose fabric and very suitable for that season, when I can't really wear knitwear on top. It set me back a mere 105 kronor. I'd guess it's 80's, but the print looks 50's in my mind.


Saga said...

My god - you've got so many lovley dresses!

jenny kellerman pillay said...

Maybe we should have a dress party sometime! Bring all of our dresses and change every 10 minutes or so?!