Saturday, 6 March 2010

feline friends of mine

This is Kassandra. She's an old lady, going on 19 years! She's like me though; she looks young for her age. When she was a tiny kitten she once walked into an almost empty popcorn bag. She loves boiled eggs more than anything, and she's not afraid of dogs since she grew up with one. I've had her for so long I can't imagine not having her around. For my time away now though, she's gotta go live somewhere else, and I'm certain she'll be taken care of so well until I get back.

Pretty Missy is a peculiar cat for sure. The first times I met her, I was convinced she hated me, and I've got great cat skills. I can persuade almost any cat to let me give them a cuddle. She was thought of as a bit stuck up, like she knew how pretty she is, that she didn't need a charming personality as well. But when she got used to me, cos I was living there instead of just visiting, suddenly I became her favorite. She chose me, and I'm very happy she did. She used to wake me up exactly at 6 every morning, when I'd let her in the bedroom window and give her a little bit of breakfast and hopefully, but not usually, she'd find a spot to sleep so I could too. She also likes to hide underneath my skirts.

Sometimes Missy and Pixie can accept eachother enough to sleep this close, which makes it a little bit difficult for me to do my work, cos I just wanna look at them. Pixie is the mother of Missy, but not very maternal. She's a naughty one, and she'll try and steal anything she can eat. When someone puts the kettle on, she'll come running and start to cry and make a big scene cos she knows it might persuade us to give her some milk.

Golly doesn't stay in our house as much, she's a little nervous, but once she's in and able to relax she's fine. Especially if her mum Pixie is close by. The sisterly rivalry between Golly and Missy is apparent. But while I'm accused of spoiling Missy, which I can't deny, Golly gets her fair share of spoiling from the others. And when she thinks no one is looking she's actually the most daring one of the bunch, always in fights with the neighbour cats, and catching the biggest bugs that she'll play with and usually leave for dead after a while. I've seen her jump up so high to catch a dragonfly.

So, let's end this cat loving odessey with my favorite pic of Pixie. Having three cats in one place makes it easier to bear being without my Kassandra when I'm away from my other place.

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