Wednesday, 17 March 2010

vintage vegas

I have never travelled as light as I did this time, only bringing 3 dresses! And some skirts and tops too, but still. It was an effort, and I'm quite proud of myself for making the cut. On the other hand, about 80% of my summer wardrobe was left behind here, so it's not really like I'll have to wear the same clothes over and over again. The one above is a flea market find for 60 kronor, from my only visit to Skrapan Vintage Market in Stockholm. They call it vintage market, but to me it definitely was more of a garage sale. A woman and her mother were selling some really nice real vintage things, lovely jewellery and old hats for example, but the prices were set a bit high for what I wanted that day. This dress was the only nice thing I found from the rest of the sellers, and it fit me perfectly. It was really 100 kronor, but the zipper is a bit tricky to get up sometimes, so I got a discount. The woman selling it said it was bought in Las Vegas, which is kinda cool.

This pretty little thing is one of the 5 dresses I got from that hair dresser basement vintage store on Götgatan, and it had to come along for this trip too. I just fell in love with the colour, and you can't really tell by this pic, but it's also got tiny freckle like black polka dots. The top part is see through though, so I'll have to wear a vest or something underneath, which isn't exactly ideal in this climate when you want to wear as little as possible, but I'll find a cloudy day to wear it I'm sure. The belt is missing too, but I've got a nice black one I can wear instead. It was also 150 kronor, like the rest of the bunch.

I'll take pics of the dresses I've got here pretty soon, and of course I'm looking forward to some more shopping while I'm here, even though summer season in the stores is almost over. Coming from a much colder climate it feels weird calling winter here winter I must say, but having experienced most seasons here by now (except spring) I can appreciate the difference between the seasons, although it's far from being as apparent as up north. Both ways is the only way I want it, to quote one of my favourite author's latest book.

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